the team

Ralph Lovegrove blogs about roleplaying games (and other things) at the Department V blog. He’s also written game materials for various things including Death Comes To Wyverley (for Beyond the Wall), Elric of R’lyeh (for Call of Cthulhu and Stormbringer).

Elizabeth Lovegrove is the author of Rise and Fall, published as part of the Seven Wonders game anthology. She has run a number of games based on books, including Wraeththu, Chrestomanci, and Sabriel. She can be found on Twitter as @ejlovegrove and on G+.

Becky Annison and Josh Fox blog at Black Armada and are the authors of Lovecraftesque, a roleplaying game of Lovecraftian horror. Additionally Becky is the author of When the Dark is Gone, part of the Seven Wonders game anthology. Josh has published several games through their blog including the House of Ill Repute playset for Fiasco and the winning entry for the 2015 Threeforged contest.

Mo Holkar blogs at Games! All sorts of different ones. He’s written many games of various kinds, and a number of articles about games and gaming, some of which can be found linked from here. At the moment he’s mostly into Nordic-influenced chamber larp and freeform.