Episode 63: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

Episode 63: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

Show Notes

Plot and Setting 00:55 // Themes and Images 08:12 // Retrofuturism 09:05 // Baseline 09:24 // Analog 10:14 // Cyberpunk 1984 11:10 // The Gibson Continuum 13:32 // 1.cyberspace 13:54 // 2.corporate governance 14:58 // physical augmentation 16:11 // 4.prefab 17:15 // 5.individual vs collective identity 17:30 // 6.gig economy 18:16 // 7.living conditions 18:55 // 8.exotic locations 20:17 // consumers vs professionals 24:58 // analog geekery 28:44 // magic 29:02 // gods in cyberspace 32:44 // The RPG bit 34:09 // commercial Cyberpunk RPGs 34:29 // roleplaying idea: prefab community 38:15 // don’t use a Cyberpunk RPG, use Apocalypse World 40:57


Notes towards a CyberPunk manifesto
Tears of Envy
The Gibson Continuum (zacfinger)
Science Fiction Studies: The Gibson Continuum by Thomas A. Bredehoft

Music Credits

Music is by Chris Zabriskie: chriszabriskie.com // bandcamp // free music archive

Samples: “Is That You Or Are You You?” from Reappear // “Cylinder One”, “Cylinder Six” and “Cylinder Eight” from Cylinders // “Another Version Of You” from Thoughtless

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