110: Breakers (and other time loops)

110: Breakers (and other time loops)

Breakers — Saving Harper Ross (dir. Chason Laing)
TV Tropes: Time Loops

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Introduction 00:07 // Synopsis 01:00 (book and film) // Other media and time loops 08:45 (Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow, Palm Springs, Before I Fall, Russian Doll) // Remarks 14:17 (insiders and outsiders, organising the day, end of the day) // Other media pt 2 26:51 (hell loops; indie SF)


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Music Credits

Music is by Chris Zabriskie: chriszabriskie.com // bandcamp // instagram // youtube

Samples: “Is that you or are you you?” from Reappear, “Another version of you” from Thoughtless