105: Dune by Frank Herbert

105: Dune by Frank Herbert

Dune by Frank Herbert Dune (1984 film) directed by David Lynch Frank Herbert’s Dune (TV miniseries) Dune (2021 film) directed by Denis Villeneuve

Intro 00:07 // Synopsis 01:47 // Extra 20:17 // Remarks 26:06 (transhumanism, worms as dragons, ecological mysteries) // Media 36:39 (screen versions, best actors, RPGs)


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Samples: “Is that you or are you you?” from Reappear, “Another version of you” from Thoughtless

4 thoughts on “105: Dune by Frank Herbert

  1. I found the latest film rather dull. I got very bored of long shots of Paul’s face, the desert, Chani, the droning noise and it really didn’t do much for me at all. I really enjoyed Lynch’s version, more so than the book. Although in all cases, I’ve really rather had enough of the superhero who will save us all, be it Dune, Marvel or Trump.

    I’ve been playing the Modiphius game and it works OK. The only problem I can really see with it is the level of paranoia in the setting. It’s a bit like searching for traps every 10′ in the Tomb of Horrors. How do you make sure you’ve got all the bases covered all the time? We’re playing a pre-Atreides game and the political set up is interesting but most of the situations we’ve had are from minor cases of treachery rather than being aware of, and using, our power in the world.

    • I really enjoyed the latest film but I was watching with a particular eye for how faithful they were being to the source, and also the soundtrack. I’d definitely watch the second one but not sure I`d re-watch in the same way I’d watch the Lynch version.

      Good to hear the game works, but not surprised to hear that the political stuff sounds reactive, rather than proactive. I’m not sure that’s something 2d20 can solve

  2. I just discovered your podcast via the Grognard Files and have been thoroughly enjoying your insightful commentary and soothing voice.

    Have you seen the movie The Empty Man (2020 by David Prior)? It starts out in the guise of a supernatural slasher film then slowly becomes the most amazing realization of a Nyarlathotep cult I’ve seen in any media. The visuals are also excellent. I’d love to hear your commentary on it.

    Kind regards,

    Chris Angelucci
    Philadelphia, PA

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