Podcast Sunday! 20th June

Pick of what I listened to this week:

Good Friends of Jackson Elias: the Endless

The Endless divided the panel but it sounds like exactly my kind of film… I’d had my eye on it on various streaming services and unfortunately it’s not free right now, but Spring is so I watched that instead. Spring also features Shitty Carl by name only, so it must be part of the same continuum.

In general I really like the Good Friends’ film reviews. (I think) they used to divide it into two parts for non-spoilers and then spoiler content; this is probably hard to do and I kind of feel that if I’m listening to commentary on something I haven’t read then I consent to some spoilers already. I also really enjoyed A Dark Song when they covered it.

GFoJE: The Endless

Vintage RPG Podcast: ARC Doom

Interview with Momatoes about ARC Doom (Kickstarter, 11 days to go). The premise sounds great and the quickstart is very good (DTRPG) with a gorgeous digital native layout. I liked a lot of what the author says about striking a balance between existing poles of OSR and storygaming, and overall this is a great looking product

ARC: Doom

Cabinet of Curiosities: Pick a Card

From Aaron Mahnke of Lore fame this is a kind of bite-sized more-of-the-same with the usual great delivery, good for 11 mins or so. This one features stage magic and the gold rush

Cabinet of Curiosities

The Partial Historians: the Tale of Verginia

Really like the premise of two historians looking at one historical event from two different accounts. Also the show notes are really good. The podcast is specifically focused on Roman history and this one carries a few trigger warnings.

Partial Historians: Verginia

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