Podcast Listening: Jan 31st 2021

Here’s five podcasts I enjoyed since the last post

Lore episode 161: Shell Game

I dip in and out of Lore. This one is (more or less) about battlefield visitations of the divine and supernatural. Gameable.


The Grognard Files ep 45 (year end with Dave Morris)

Really great episode with Dave Morris’s feet up on Ian Livingstone’s desk and Dirk and Judge B leaning into the awards phenomenon that is the Groggies.


Shut Up Sit Down 128 (Vampire the Masquerade: Vendetta, Bohnanza)

This is probably the first time I’ve listened to the SUSD podcast, having previously only read the blog. Very tight production and great discussion on VtM: Vendetta (that prompted me to finish a game hack I’ve been working on) plus the bean trading game Bohnanza, including racist peanuts or something


What would the Smart Party Do: Role+Play+Game

Good chat between Gaz and Guy Milner (Burn After Running) about engaging with game mechanics and rolling dice. The interesting part is the discussion on how players shortcut and short-change characters, the interference between different social skills, and spotlighting some worthwhile mechanics.


Plus One Forward: Lessons Learned in 2020

Always liked the format of this podcast but to be honest, there are more PbtA games than my surplus attention can accomodate. BUT I did like this discussion about learnings about the genre and future plans. I liked how Rach’s game of the year was AW although to be honest, I can’t remember if this was in this episode or the Gauntlet’s similar 2020 retrospective. Worth a listen if you’re PbtA inclined anyway


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