Pick of podcasts in June 2018

Real life has been interfering with my episode schedule again. New recordings will be coming out shortly, but for now here’s five podcasts I listened to in June 2018.

The Pen Addict 305

Episode 305 covers “standards”. You’d think I’d listen to more of these being the stationery obsessive, but a fifteen minute discussion on “A5-ish” paper sizing (dimensions, as opposed to applying filler or glaze) approaches even my limit. Still, it’s a nice podcast and I really enjoy their blog.

Hardcore Histories 61: Painfotainment

I heard about Dan Carlin’s Hardcore Histories while researching the solo podcast format. This episode is more than four and a half hours long, and it’s all about the spectacle of, and attitudes to, public execution From the late medieval period through early modern to the 20th and (extrapolating into) the 21st centuries. Carlin is both unflinching and sensitive with the subject matter. I thought it was brilliant but also horrible, so listener discretion is advised, obv.

Not Alone 63 and 64: The Toynbee Tiles

Not Alone is a podcast about the unexplained and supernatural. Episodes 63 and 64 discuss the Toynbee Tiles, strange linoleum tiles imprinted onto bricks with the message “Toynbee idea from movie 2001 resurrect dead on planet Jupiter”.

There’s a bonus episode sandwiched between these two that’s also worth checking out as it lists a whole lot of other podcasts.

Original picture taken from Wikipedia, shared under CC BY-SA 2.5 by user Spike Brennan.

Mega City Book Club 68: A Game Of You

The Mega City Book Club podcast normally covers 2000AD titles, but here they diverge with a really great episode covering A Game Of You, the fifth Sandman book. A lot of discussion about trans identity and Wanda being the first decently rounded trans character for many readers in the early 90s, and also how impressions of Dream change with repeated readings.

Blogs on Tape 54: Dice Clocks

Blogs on Tape is a great idea — the best blog posts from the OSR curated and read aloud in a 10-20 min podcast. Episode 54 is actually one of my own blog posts, which have always been a bit stream-of-consciousness and it’s a bit strange to hear my own words read back to me with the attendant figurative ums and ahs.

2 thoughts on “Pick of podcasts in June 2018

  1. Hi Ralph, just wanted to say thanks for getting me onto the “System Mastery” podcast, which has filled the recent gaps between Fictoplasm episodes, although a very different cup of tea (in fact, I’m sure those uber- Americans Jeff and John drink coffee).

    You commented a while ago that that pair of bromantic comedians were spot on in their analysis of “Nephilim” (“Aren’t these the villains?”) and I wondered if you had heard their episode on “Stormbringer” which contained this exchange which made me snort tea out of my nose it was so “funny because it’s true” –

    (Jeff, I think) : “Elric’s super-weak ! But as long as he’s got his sword he’s a goddam badass. Which means he’s not the ‘Anti- Conan’; he’s just Conan, but pale.”

    (John, I think): “Can I just talked about how 100% bullshit that is, “the doomed albino of deficient blood…” He’s NEVER weak EVER. He corrects all of his low stats br drinking constant supplies of Melnibonean super-drugs and carrying a soul-sucking sword that does the fighting for him. He is the ultimate example of a roleplayer who abuses the ‘merits and flaws’ system…”

    Go listen to it if you haven’t (it’s from about 22 mins into the podcast), it’s an absolutely brilliant rant.

    PS I vote you get Jeff and John on Fictoplasm as guests; it would be an interesting cultural exchange !

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